Harness the power of global registry data in your product with one simple integration.

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Integrate our network of over 300 corporate registries and benefit from real-time, normalised data in your product or internal system, without the need for complex data-sourcing and maintenance.

The Kyckr API gives you real-time access to our extensive network of company information, along with our decades of combined experience in integrating, standardising, and enriching hard-to-reach registry sources.

When built into a workflow platform, your users can access legally authoritative data without the need to use external systems or manually process unstructured information. Leading RegTechs, global banks and other regulated firms rely on our simple, yet powerful API as a crucial component of their onboarding and CLM platforms. Check out our API Documentation and discover what we could start building together.

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Over 300 Sources, One Integration

Build vs Buy – the perennial question in product development. We have spent years curating our registry network, so you don’t have to. Benefit from over 150 different JSON profiles and 1000 types of registry documents, normalised into a single schema and ordering flow.

Build Products your users will love

Eliminate manual data entry, make your users more efficient and reduce errors at the first step of your KYC process.

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Goodbye Integration Headaches

The Kyckr API is clearly documented, with detailed recipes and reference files. Our technical solutions team will work with you to ensure you get the best integration outcome in the quickest time possible, with support tailored to your individual needs.

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Reduce Your Maintenance Effort

We proactively monitor each of our connections to ensure registry-side outages and planned maintenance are communicated to you quickly and plainly. We are constantly looking for ways to improve the quality and breadth of the data we provide, ensuring your API experience continuously improves over time.

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Generate new revenue opportunities

For RegTechs and SaaS companies, partnering with Kyckr gives a compelling new product feature to create additional revenue opportunities with speed. Speak to our partnerships team today to see how we are working with other companies to mutually accelerate growth.

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Three steps to unleashing the power of a technology-driven AML strategy

Build your Customer Due Diligence and KYC processes on a robust foundation with Kyckr.

Make data work smarter, not harder.

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