Reduce unnecessary KYC reviews with perpetual company event monitoring.

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Get notified of material changes to registered company information on an ongoing basis with Company Watch.

For organisations looking to move from periodic KYC checks to an event-driven approach, Company Watch automates the detection of material changes to company data without the need for extensive manual intervention. Our service takes the pain out of perpetual KYC by reducing cost and effort and acts as a critical component of a modern AML programme that ensures you comply with your regulatory obligations. Unlike other monitoring services that supply noisy updates with irrelevant information, Company Watch only provides the signal you need to determine whether a KYC review is required.

How it works

Replace periodic checks with an event-driven approach

Add your chosen corporate entities to your watchlist and choose the type and frequency of monitoring.
Company Watch checks for changes at the relevant corporate registry and compares them with the existing stored profile.
You will be notified if a change has been identified at the registry. You can then access if risk or CDD review is required.
primary source company data

Keep your customer information up-to-date with legally authoritative company data at your fingertips.

Types of Monitoring

Our service supports two levels of monitoring to accommodate different use cases and provides only the data you need. Both Lite and Enhanced Monitoring include lists of new filings within a given monitoring period, which can be ordered from the Kyckr registry network.

Enhanced Monitoring

Track changes to a firm’s directors and where possible, shareholders with Enhanced monitoring.
  • Registered Name
  • Registered Address
  • Registration Status
  • Capital Structure
  • Newly Registered Directors and Shareholder
  • Removed Directors and Shareholders
  • Registration of Existing Directors and Shareholders
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Lite Monitoring

Track changes to key registration information and updates of any new registry filings with Lite monitoring.
  • Registered Name
  • Registered Address
  • Registration Status
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Entry Verification

Reduce cost and time spent on periodic KYC reviews

Company Watch replaces periodic checks with an event-driven approach, where reviews are only conducted as a result of a material change to customer information.

Data Cleanse

Detect material changes to customer information before they lead to a possible breach

Company Watch provides the most accurate and legally authoritative information available and ensures you won’t miss crucial changes to customer circumstances that could lead to compliance breaches.


Ensure customer data quality is maintained on an ongoing basis

Company Watch removes the problems associated with stale data and ensures you always have the most up-to-date information on your customers.

why company watch?

The benefits of perpetual monitoring

Build your Customer Due Diligence and KYC processes on a robust foundation with Kyckr.

Make data work smarter, not harder.

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