Verify businesses and uncover UBOs instantly, in a single solution.

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Gain instant access to global company information and reveal complex shareholder structures effortlessly.

Verifying customer data can be a difficult and time-consuming task without direct access to accurate and complete information sources. By connecting to Kyckr's network of over 300 corporate registries, you eliminate the struggle of accessing primary sources directly, including country access permissions, foreign languages and different payment systems. Through our simple, but powerful platform you can verify registration details and individuals associated with a business, order original copies of registry documentation and perform automated ownership discovery at a click of a button. Save countless hours on public data retrieval and remain compliant with Kyckr.

Our solution

Simplify the onboarding workflow and meet your regulatory obligations

Every company is expected to be fully aware of who they do business with under current AML & KYC regulations, however current providers of stored data do not meet the quality threshold required by most regulators. Satisfy complex international regulatory obligations with accurate, up-to-date company information, time and date stamped at the time of retrieval.

Primary source company data from Kyckr

  • Real-time, legally authoritative records
  • Stamped with the official registry name and time of retrieval
  • Over 300+ registries, including hard-to-reach sources
  • Direct from the source UBO declarations and ownership discovery tools

Traditional company data providers

  • Frequently out-of-date or inaccurate
  • Unclear sourcing methodology
  • Gaps in country coverage
  • Speculative ownership data
Our solution

Leverage our extensive network of company information, along with our decades of combined experience in integrating, standardising, and enriching hard-to-reach registry sources.

the benefits

All the registry information you need, in one place

A recent survey showed that 40% of a KYC Analyst’s time is spent on public data collection for verification purposes. Kyckr's KYB service gives you immediate access to over 300 corporate registries in 100 countries via a single access point, eliminating frustration and freeing up time for value-added tasks.

the benefits

Meet your regulatory obligations with ease

Our company profiles and registry documents include all the     information you need to satisfy relevant KYB regulations, including directors, shareholders, public UBO declarations and incorporation documents. Everything we provide is time and date-stamped, giving you a clear audit trail for future reviews.

Integrate the world’s most accurate and legally authoritative company intelligence into your existing workflow.

Get Access to our API
the benefits

Get information in seconds via our portal, or via our API into your chosen KYB platform

We are flexible in the way we provide information to meet unique access requirements. Our service allows users to search both individual corporate registries (in real-time) along with a cache of global registry data, to support increased entity matching when the country of origin isn’t known.

We also operate to industry-leading delivery times for hard-to-reach documents and have years of experience of working with organisations with varying needs across different sectors.

the benefits

Automate complex ownership discovery cases with UBO Verify

Reduce the burden of complex, cross-border ownership investigations with UBO Verify. Our award-winning, automated tool provides identification of UBOs and a complete ownership structure visualisation in seconds, ensuring you comply with your regulatory obligations in a cost-effective manner.

Build your Customer Due Diligence and KYC processes on a robust foundation with Kyckr.

Make data work smarter, not harder.

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