Automate the cleansing of outdated customer records with primary source company data.

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KYC remediation projects are a challenge for regulated firms and the complexity is driven by multiple factors and require huge investments in budget, staff, training, resources, and time.

Kyckr's Data Cleanse solution aligns existing customer information to data from a verified, primary source corporate registry, highlighting deficiencies in the dataset and providing candidate information for remediation purposes. By using the Kyckr API, we automate the matching process and provide cleansed data along with a summary report. This approach reduces operational costs and frees up the time and resources it would otherwise take to perform manual remediation.

Our solution

Meet regulatory standards around customer data quality with a simple and hassle-free data cleansing and remediation.

the benefits

Identify which customer data needs remediation

Rather than manually remediating each record, Data Cleanse shows the records which have inaccuracies and thus need attention. This reduces your team's workload and eliminates the need for unnecessary research and customer interaction.

the benefits

Identify deficiencies in current data recording practices

The recommendations provided in a Data Cleanse report can help you to spot elements of your current onboarding process that need improvement. For example, you may be recording a mixture of registered and trading addresses, or recording company names without their correct legal form identifier.

Remediate existing customer records without the high cost and delays associated with manual processing.

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the benefits

Automatically receive accurate company data for customers with slight inaccuracies in their records

Outsourcing the cleansing of existing records means your team can focus on value-added tasks instead of struggling to keep up with the unavoidable decline in data quality of existing customer information.

the benefits

Meet your regulatory obligations

Existing AML legislations detail the importance of maintaining accurate customer records. Stale data can lead to fines, expensive remediation projects and more extensive regulator attention. Data Cleanse puts you on the path to continual compliance and coupled with Kyckr’s monitoring solution, it can help you to achieve true perpetual KYC.

Build your Customer Due Diligence and KYC processes on a robust foundation with Kyckr.

Make data work smarter, not harder.

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