Corporate KYC verification made effortless

Verify businesses and identify UBOs with live company register data. Build a picture of a company in seconds while ensuring KYB and AML compliance.

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The Statistics

Large Payment Provider reduces time to verify new customers by
Number of event-driven alerts provided to a Regional Bank per month:
Number of entities verified for a Top Law Firm per month:

Trusted by many of the world's top banks, payment providers, legal firms, consultancies and more.

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Reduce the risks associated with counterparty relationships.

Access audit-proof company information and filings from over 300+ corporate registries across 100 countries.

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Embed global company registry data seamlessly into your product or proprietary system.

Developer working with KYCKR's API

Our automated solutions help businesses to focus on what really matters - elevating levels of service and driving towards growth, whilst always remaining compliant and secure.

Leverage our network of global registries by integrating the world’s most accurate and legally authoritative company intelligence into your existing workflow.

Awards & recognition

RegTech Insight Awards 2021 Europe

Best Solution for Client Onboarding

RegTech Insight Awards 2021 Europe
RiskTech 100 2021

Rising Star Award

RiskTech 100 2021
RegTech Insight Awards 2021 Europe

Best Solution for Client Onboarding

RegTech Insight Awards 2021 Europe
FinTech Awards 2020

Best KYC Solution Provider 2020

FinTech Awards 2020
RegTech Insight Awards 2021 APAC

Most Innovative Technology for Regulatory Compliance

RegTech Insight Awards 2021 APAC
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Build your Customer Due Diligence and KYC processes on a robust foundation with Kyckr.

Make data work smarter, not harder.

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