Access new markets, enhance your offering and win more business with Kyckr​.

Solution Providers
Enhance your proposition and win bigger contracts by integrating comprehensive and accurate company intelligence into your SaaS platform. 

Data vendors
Expand your geographic footprint and cleanse existing data, reducing time spent on manual remediation.

Provide a first-class customer experience by integrating Kyckr’s solutions into your digital transformation projects.


Why partner with Kyckr?

Quality Assurance – gain peace of mind from working with a partner who only offers the most accurate and compliant company intelligence, sourced directly from global registries

Experience – we have a wide network of partners with whom we’ve built successful, long-term relationships

Flexible Integration – we can adapt to meet your integration requirements with both bolt-on and bespoke options

Industry Knowledge – we’ve developed deep expertise in the KYC/AML space and act as trusted advisors to our clients and partners

Depth of Coverage – we cover more global registries than any other providers and continually update and expand our sources

Discover how to utilize our solutions to extend your product offerings.
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