Webinar Replay

Webinar Replay: Spotlight on Entity Verification

Entity Verification
April 5, 2022

In the world of digital-first customer interaction, it’s more important than ever for B2B services to offer a fast and seamless onboarding experience. Whether using a payments provider, lender, trading platform or applying for a new bank account, prospective customers expect to start transacting in just seconds, not hours or days.

However, how can you avoid sacrificing effective compliance processes in the pursuit of faster onboarding? All it takes is one bad actor using your platform to lead to a regulatory breach and the chance of substantial fines and sanctions. But when thousands of companies are registering for an account every day, implementing rigorous account checks can be onerous, costly and damaging to the customer experience.

Watch the replay to discover:

  • What are the main regulations that enforce entity verification as part of the KYC process?
  • What are the main challenges associated with entity verification and how technology can help finding the required information?
  • How you can build a better business verification process that enables you to onboard more customers securely, in minutes
  • How you can prevent unregistered entities to get access to your service
  • How you can grow your business beyond borders

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