Webinar Replay

Webinar Replay: Spotlight on company registries in the wake of the FinCen Papers

March 31, 2021

The FinCEN leaks have accelerated the need for company directors’ identity to be verified before their appointment – a step in the right direction.

The implementation of the EU’s 5AMLD regulation meant that company registers were being mandated to hold and supply information related to the UBO of a company, but not all jurisdictions are governed by this.

Watch our webinar replay and learn:

  • what did the FinCEN files leaks tell us about company registry information?
  • why is finding company registry data so difficult and how can technology help?
  • why is company information important for AML purposes?

Graham Barrow, Director, The Dark Money Files
Denisse Rudich, CCO & Co-Founder, ELEMENTARYb
Livia Benisty, Global Head of Business AML,  Banking Circle
Gerard Green, Conducting Officer & MLRO, Invesco

Annabella Deku, Business Development Director, Kyckr
Jason Boud, Co-Founder & CEO, RegTech Associates

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