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Company Information

Access the world’s most current and accurate company information, sourced in real-time from a network of over 180 corporate registries.

Kyckr provides access to legally authoritative company information and registry filings via one platform, connecting you to a network of over 180 corporate registries and 170+ million legal entities across 120 countries.

Our information is retrieved and supplied in real-time at the point of request, from a range of official, primary government sources with whom we have built direct connections, based on our decades of combined knowledge of the registry landscape.

Unlike third-party, static data providers, the information we provide is always the most current and legally authoritative view of a company. The information is time and date stamped with the name and logo of the relevant corporate registry, giving you audit-friendly data that satisfies relevant AML regulatory obligations.

Using Kyckr’s information means you and your team can forego the pain of accessing disparate, hard-to-reach registry sources, or the relationship friction that can come from asking counterparties to send through the information needed to verify their identity.

We show you what information is available at registry, tell you what data is included and then deliver it smartly into your chosen workflow management system.


Types of Information You Can Access

Structured Company Profiles

(available in JSON, XML and PDF form)​

For over 150 corporate registries on Kyckr’s network, we provide company profile data which is normalised into a simple, yet powerful, proprietary data structure in real time. There are two types of profile we offer:

Lite Profile

Provides basic registration information, such as

  • Company Name
  • Registration Number
  • Legal Form
  • Legal Status
  • Registered Address
  • Company Activity

Our Lite Profile is perfect for use cases, which require fast and effective entity verification, to ensure that prospective counterparties pass a first check.

Enhanced Profile

Includes the lite profile information in addition to any available filed registry information covering associated persons:

  • Company Officials
  • Shareholders and Shareholding
  • Ultimate Beneficial Owners

The Enhanced profile is best suited to KYC and customer onboarding use cases, where additional information on associated individuals is necessary to satisfy legislative requirements and provide data for screening purposes. By using the Kyckr API, data can be automatically pulled and used to auto-fill customer records.

Registry Documents

(available in PDF)

For every registry on our network, we also provide all the publicly filed documents that are available at the registry. These include:

  • Registry Extracts (containing profile information and associated persons)
  • Beneficial Ownership Statements
  • Certificates
  • Declarations
  • Financial Statements
  • Formation Documents
  • and many more.

There are over 1000 types of document available to order on Kyckr’s network, with the vast majority delivered immediately and the rest in just 15 minutes or less by our team of skilled registry specialists.


Reap the Benefits of Kyckr’s Unrivalled Company Information

Meet Your Regulatory Obligations

Every company is expected to be fully aware of who they do business with under current AML & KYC regulations, however current providers of stored data do not meet the quality threshold required by most regulators. Satisfy complex international regulatory obligations with accurate, up-to-date company information, time and date stamped at the time of retrieval.

Streamline Your Onboarding Process

Reduce customer friction and unnecessary delays between initial engagement and revenue attainment by making informed decisions based on current, and accurate corporate data. Get company profile information automatically pulled into your chosen workflow management system to enable straight-through processing.

Reduce Operational


Reduce time and money spent searching for company information online. Get to the right information, quicker and retrieve both structured information and registry filings with ease via a single platform.

“The use of Kyckr information at onboarding and throughout the lifecycle of the customer relationship allows us to maximise the effectiveness and efficiency of our onboarding, on-going due diligence and customer engagement processes and helps streamline our KYC/AML regulatory obligations.”​

Group Head of AML, CFT & Sanctions Group Regulatory, Compliance & Operational Risk, BANK OF IRELAND

Company Information

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    © 2021 Kyckr Limited

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