Policy Update 22 DECEMBER 2022

This Support Policy accompanies the agreement entered into between you (“Reseller ”) and Kyckr Ireland Limited (“Kyckr’) (the “Agreement”).

Capitalised terms used in this Support Policy that are not defined herein have the meanings given to them in the Agreement.


First Level Support shall be provided to the Customer by the Reseller.  

Second Level Support shall be provided to the Customer by Kyckr in conjunction with the Reseller where First Level Support has been unable to resolve an incident.


Business hours are classified as 9 am-5.30 pm UK GMT on Business Days. For calls logged at weekends, this will be measured by Kyckr from the start of the next Business Day.


The Kyckr platform has monitoring built-in which is used to detect issues with calls to the platform and calls made by the platform to some vendors. This monitoring generates alerts when predetermined thresholds are breached which are sent to relevant Kyckr staff for actioning. Where an alert is for an issue that affects the delivery of the service updates are posted to Kyckr’s publicly accessible status reporting system. (status.kyckr.com). Registry-side incidents are also communicated out via emails from Status.Kyckr.com.2.


1. The Reseller will assign sufficient personnel with technical knowledge of the Kyckr API and Kyckr Services in order to deliver the support services and meet the service levels. The Reseller’s personnel assigned shall have the following skills:

a. ability to check on actively running processes, services and validate the performance / load on the API and the Kyckr Services;

b. ability to check on application metrics running on the Kyckr API and Kyckr Services and take action (pre-approved steps or with guidance from the Kyckr);

c. a good understanding of best practice support principles; and

d. a working knowledge of application programming interface and user interface at an admin level.

2. The Reseller shall provide Customers with technical advice and support by telephone or email as may be appropriate and necessary to resolve any issues.  

3. The First Level Support that will be provided by the Reseller shall be managing and responding to simple enquiries that can be investigated and without access to the API codebase (usually via the user interface and in a single session) and the Kyckr Services. This will require initial troubleshooting, investigation and resolving of incidents in a timely manner. The Reseller shall take action to resolve Customer issues based on the knowledge, advice and training provided by Kyckr.  

4. The Reseller shall be responsible for supporting the Customer in the instance that the Kyckr API and Kyckr Services are being upgraded and changes are required to be made so that the Customer can access the Kyckr API (i.e. reconfiguring the key to allow access). The Reseller shall be responsible for any costs that it incurs in assisting with any Kyckr API upgrades.  

5. If the Reseller is unable to resolve an incident, the Reseller will report the incident to Kyckr promptly, providing details of the incident, the relevant priority, the steps already taken to resolve the incident and details of the communication with the Customer.

6. The Reseller will provide, on request, reporting information to Kyckr on license usage by source, incidents opened and closed as well as product feedback received from Customers.

7. The Reseller may request assistance from Kyckr, who will provide an estimate of the costs to support the Reseller activities in the instance they are not covered by the Second Level Support.


1. Kyckr will provide access to the Kyckr API and will subsequently provide a maximum of two (2) person days of effort in respect of technical, and non-technical, assistance in facilitating the partner API integration on the Kyckr API.

2. Kyckr shall provide technical advice and support via email or teleconference as may be appropriate and necessary to resolve a fault with the Kyckr API and the Kyckr Services in line with the fault classification and response times below. The Second Level Support shall be available on Business Days during Business Hours.

3. All support tickets are logged and managed through our helpdesk system. Customers can raise issue tickets via email.  Any email to support@kyckr.com automatically raises a new ticket.

4. Kyckr shall be under no obligation to provide Second Level Support other than in respect of errors with the operation of the Kyckr API. Kyckr shall not provide support for:

a. any programs used in conjunction with the Kyckr API and Kyckr Services;

b. the Reseller’s failure to configure a more updated release of the Kyckr API and Kyckr Services for its Customers;

c. any fault in the hardware of the Reseller or Customer’s device(s); and

d. incorrect or unauthorised use of the Kyckr API and Kyckr Services which are not in accordance with this Agreement.


Kyckr provides a target response time for all tickets raised based on the priority of that ticket, namely time to Initial Response,  acknowledging receipt and triage to determine the severity and decide the next course of action.

Resolution is the target time to have the issue resolved or a workaround provided to restore the API into a working state and allow the Customer to resume normal activities.  The actual time to full resolution may be longer due to requirements to perform longer running actions outside of Kyckr’s control, such as maintenance work at the underlying source Registry, and underlying Registry offline.  but these will be communicated to the Customer during the ongoing incident.

If the issue is long-running, requires additional support or is waiting on a third party, an alternative update process may be agreed upon between Kyckr and the Customer.

Kyckr prioritises issues based on the below guidelines.

Fault Classification Definition Initial Response* Initial Update Frequency

Priority 1 “Priority 1” means an incident or fault that severely impacts the Kyckr core system availability or where severe degradation of performance is experienced across the entire Kyckr product suite. An example of a P1 call would be that the API is not accessible, and a customer cannot access any API functions. 2 Business Hours 2 Business Hours

Priority 2 “Priority 2” means an incident or fault where part of the API is unavailable.

An example would be where the overall API is operational. However, one or more of the constituent API calls are unavailable. Next Business Day 6 Business Hours

Priority 3 “Priority 3” means an incident or fault with the API that affects data extraction from one or more individual registries. This will likely be related to an issue accessing the registry and may require Kyckr to liaise with the subject registry support team to resolve the outage. Therefore, an expedited resolution may not be possible. 2 Business Days Next Business Day