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Globally, best in class KYC solution that will dramatically improve your on-boarding timelines.

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#1 reason given for a customer dropping out of the on-boarding process is because it “took too long to get a credit decision and a competitor gave a faster response”.

Welcome to Kyckr

Kyckr understands your biggest challenges when it comes to maintaining client data to meet KYC regulations and the difficulty in identifying high-risk in real-time. We are already helping businesses just like yours every day.

What our Customers say

Owen Kennedy"The use of Kyckr at on-boarding and throughout the lifecycle of the customer relationship allows Bank of Ireland to maximise the effectiveness and efficiency of our on-boarding, on-going due diligence and customer engagement processes and helps streamline our KYC/AML regulatory obligations. Kyckr is a critical part of the Bank of Ireland KYC process."
Paul Tourret"Real-time company lookup means that our data capture at client on-boarding is 100% accurate. This allows for significant savings though the customer life cycle through real-time KYC and remediation. A simple, yet brilliant, use of the
Kyckr API."

KYC Data Management Challenges

A manual process is your biggest risk.


Manual customer KYC checks are too slow and no longer practical as it takes too long to on-board a customer causing high customer drop-off rates and loss of potential revenue. On-boarding customers using a rules-based workflow means customers are on-boarded in real-time and has quickly become a proven avenue to generating revenue faster.


Aggregated information becomes stale once it is stored in a database. A rules-based workflow that offers continual automated monitoring of your customer books, in real-time, is the only way to remain truly compliant throughout the lifetime of the customer.


Increasingly high costs associated with manual KYC processing are too high. Having a cost-effective automated solution in place enables financial institutions to meet increasingly stringent regulatory demands while remaining KYC, AML & CTF compliant at all times.


Failure to identity risk quickly– Financial institutions face strict risk controls and are required to demonstrate transparent KYC and AML processes. Manual processes fail to identify when the customer’s risk status changes as events happen throughout the customer’s lifecycle. Automated event change detection means that important changes will never go undetected.


Automation is central to what we do


The first critical step to best KYC data management is the data cleansing process. Done correctly, this sets a solid foundation. Kyckr automates this step through a rules-based workflow. By reducing the requirement for manual involvement, this process dramatically reduces the time it takes to cleanse entire customer and supplier books which dramatically reduces processing costs and times.


The second step to best KYC data management is data remediation. Customer data should be checked for completeness, consistency, duplicates, integrity and accuracy.  Businesses must ensure the information they have on customers is managed with the greatest of veracity. Unlike manual processes, when it comes to data remediation, Kyckr is proactive not reactive.  Through purpose built rule-based decision engines it improves the accuracy of customer data and the overall efficiency of your business.


Real-time event monitoring is the next step and the most important to retain a most up-to-date, accurate customer book. Our innovative and unique capabilities apply specially defined rules that watch for and analyse event changes relating to any customer on your existing customer books, in real-time. This step is fundamental to identifying KYC risk status in real-time and getting your business to the point where you can demonstrate a best in class transparent KYC and AML risk process is in place.

Want to integrate with our API?

Seamlessly integrate our API into your own system for real-time customer verification.

Use the Kyckr API to embed real-time company and director lookups into your existing system. Once integrated, the core of the Kyckr API is available to you – giving you direct access to over 200 business registries globally to perform company searches, access company profiles and filings, cross reference searches on directors, shareholders and others to establish the most complete KYC decision.
Our API will provide you with Best in Class due diligence and customer on-boarding functionality.

Gain significant competitive advantage by using Kyckr, the largest real-time, authoritative company search network available online. We are uniquely connected to over 150 business registries worldwide which are all accessible via the Kyckr company data API.

Want to learn more today?

Main Industries targeted by Regulators

Industries using manual processes have become prime targets for regulatory inspection.

The importance of knowing who your customers are has never been more important. Regulators are tougher now than ever before with their view being that a manual process introduces too much risk, reduces efficiency and fails to be sufficiently compliant. Any organisation unable to demonstrate that a transparent and scalable KYC & AML process is in place, is wide open to not only increased financial risk, but tough regulatory inspections that can result in fines or even jail for key stakeholders.







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