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Supercharge your compliance and due-diligence processes with Kyckr’s automated solutions.

 “Over $5 Billion of fines are expected to be levied in 2020” (EverCompliant, 2018)

Non-compliance with KYC or AML regulations can lead to heavy penalties, damaged reputation and loss of customer’s trust. From a financial institution handling large investment portfolios to payment service providers, every business is required to verify the identity of its customers. 

Professionals with regulated KYC obligations can gain significant business advantage and compliance peace of mind by utilizing our solutions. 


Financial Services

While the processes of Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM), Anti Money Laundering (AML) and ongoing Know Your Customer (KYC) can be time-consuming, costly and repetitive, the cost of non-compliance can be detrimental to any financial institution.

“If you think compliance is expensive, try non-compliance.”  — Paul McNulty, former U.S. Deputy Attorney General.​​

Kyckr’s automated approach helps you to:

  •  Accelerate the onboarding process, decrease the cost & time associated with meeting KYC obligations, decrease regulatory risk and increase revenue
  • Access compliant and accurate company information across 180+ global corporate registries for your corporate KYC, onboarding and offboarding projects
  • Meet compliance requirements in regions such as Canada, Australia, Europe (4th and 5th Money Laundering Directives) and the US (FinCEN Final CDD rule)
  • Comply with Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (UBO) requirements
  • Obtain official data on directors, shareholders and UBOs from official and GDPR compliant sources
  • Avoid fines and enforcement actions due to failing to keep KYC data up-to-date

Investment & Wealth Management

Regulatory compliance within the financial sector is more complex than ever and knowing who your customers are has never been more crucial. Where manual process exists, you may be exposed to increased financial risk.

“A typical European bank, serving 10 million customers, could save up to €10 million annually and avoid growing fines by the regulator by implementing technology to improve the ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) processes.”
— Mitek & Consult Hyperion

Kyckr can help you to:

  • Obtain acceptable primary CDD (Customer Due Diligence) documentation on customers that meets regulatory requirements 
  • Understand corporate ownership and control 
  • Comply with Know Your Customer (KYC) and Know Your Customer’s Customer (KYCC) obligations to understand your counterparties
  • Perform Identity verification of your customers by using acceptable sources that are independent of the customer
  • Ensure your customer information is always accurate and up-to-date 
  • Provide counterparty validation and verification by having and maintaining full LEI (Legal Entity Identifier) data as required by MIFID II
  • Perpetually monitor changes in ownership or control in order to ensure each relationship remains acceptable from a risk perspective

Payment Service Providers

Payment Service Providers need to provide an efficient, client-focused service to corporate customers and their merchants. They must find the balance between a streamlined, “zero-touch” onboarding and meeting the requirements for Electronic KYC (e-KYC) regulations. Complex legacy policies and procedures can get in the way of delivering a service that is both efficient and compliant. 

Kyckr can help you to:​

  • Accelerate client onboarding, improve customer experience and compliance outcomes
  • Improve your Know Your Customer processes and make informed credit decisions from accurate, real-time information
  • Validate corporate entities globally in real-time and identify high-risk customers who require a separate enhanced due diligence process
  • Access information on Shareholders, Directors and Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (UBOs)
  • Streamline corporate and merchant onboarding in alignment to KYC & AML regulations and policies
  • Keep your corporate KYC and associated person data up-to-date with Kyckr Perpetual KYC (data cleansing, verification and perpetual monitoring)
  • Perpetually monitor changes in ownership, control, and financials and other material events that impact compliance and credit status
  • Avoid fines and enforcement actions due to failing to keep KYC data up-to-date

Legal and Accounting 

Meeting AML and KYC obligations is not only an expensive, time-consuming task but manual checks and processes can facilitate human errors, resulting in increased business risk, potential regulatory actions and fines.

Kyckr provides an efficient and cost-effective way for legal and accountancy firms to meet their AML / KYC obligations and remain compliant at all times. 

Kyckr can help you to:

  • Access the most current, primary source corporate data for both KYC and financials within one platform for simple decision-making
  • Verify the identity of your customers in real-time, fulfilling your KYC / AML requirements
  • Streamline your onboarding process, improve client experience around service delivery and reduce operational costs
  • Keep your KYC data up to date with data cleansing, verification and perpetual monitoring
  • Perpetually monitor changes in ownership, control, financials and other material events

Discover how to supercharge your compliance and due-diligence processes with Kyckr’s automated solutions!
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    © 2021 Kyckr Limited

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