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Optimise your KYC processes at every stage of the customer lifecycle.


Entity Verification

Without direct access to accurate and complete information sources, verifying customer-provided data can be a painful and time-consuming experience. Scouring external sources for company filings drains analyst time, causes delays for customers and can result in unpredictable workload. Often it is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

​Kyckr’s Company Information and API give you access to over 180 corporate registries from 120 countries at a click of a button.  We connect you to the most up-to-date, accurate and legally reliable company information via one platform, including hard-to-reach sources and jurisdictions. Document types are simply laid out and costs are transparent, giving you all you need to retrieve individual filings in one place, fast. Be quicker with Kyckr! 


Completing accurate records at the time of customer onboarding is a complex task encompassing several, typically manual processes. It is also a major cause of customer friction. On average it takes 26 days to onboard a customer (Thomson Reuters, 2017) and 73% of financial institutions have reported losing customers due to friction in the process (LexisNexis, 2017). 

Kyckr’s API automates the sourcing of legally authoritative company and shareholder information. Our service is fully configurable to meet the individual needs of KYC and Onboarding teams and can be integrated with all major software systems used to capture customer information. Reduce customer friction and accelerate revenue with a seamless onboarding experience!

Use cases - Data Cleansing

Data Cleansing

Article 13 of the European 5th AML Directive requires that companies ensure that documents, data or information held on customers are kept up to date. For financial institutions, payment service providers and professional service firms this means a pressing need to ensure data quality in the existing customer book. Manually remediating many thousands of records is a thankless task fraught with risk. 

Kyckr’s Data Cleanse technology makes data cleansing and remediation simple and hassle-free. Using proprietary decision engines, we automate the cleansing of supplied customer data and align your records against global company registries, identifying and addressing any discrepancies. The result is a remediated book, without the high cost and delays associated with manual processing. 


The huge cost of AML/CTF breaches means it is imperative to monitor changes to customer circumstances on an ongoing basis. Effective monitoring is a time-consuming, repetitive and complex process without the right access to current and accurate information sources. It often involves direct, back-and-forth consultation with customers, creating unnecessary friction that can last weeks or even months. 

Kyckr’s Company Watch enables continuous and automated tracking of registry changes for monitored clients, reducing the delay between corporate changes, internal risk assessment and action. Our solution provides periodic or event-based alerts that gives you actionable insight and our perpetually maintained, quality customer data helps you to give a first-class customer experience to every client, while freeing up the time of analysts to focus on value-added tasks. 


Know Your Supplier (KYS) ensure regulatory compliance by knowing who you do business with

Every company is expected to be fully aware of who they do business with under current AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know Your Customer) regulations. Whilst it is vital to screen new and existing customers to ensure they are compliant with AML/CTF guidelines, the same applies to your suppliers as well. It is crucial to have PEPs and Sanctions screening completed before entering into any business relationships. There is also an increasing need to ensure that suppliers comply with legislation surrounding modern slavery.

Kyckr’s KYS remediation service combines our legally authoritative registry data with access to PEPs and Sanctions lists, watch lists and the Modern Slavery Register, enabling you to make informed and confident decisions on who you do business with. Satisfy complex international regulatory obligations with accurate, up-to-date sanctions lists and associated entity coverage.

Discover how to optimize your KYC processes at every stage of the customer lifecycle!
Contact us now! ​

    Discover how to optimize your KYC processes at every stage of the customer lifecycle!
    Contact us now! ​

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