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Data Cleanse

Automate the cleansing of outdated customer records with legally authoritative, primary source information.


Kyckr’s Data Cleanse aligns existing customer information to data from a verified, primary-source corporate registry, highlighting deficiencies in the dataset and providing candidate information for remediation purposes.

By using the Kyckr API, the matching process is automated and the cleansed data along with a summary report is provided, – freeing up the time it would otherwise take to perform a tedious, manual remediation and ensuring you meet regulatory standards around customer data quality.

Reap the Benefits of Kyckr's Automated Data Cleanse

Drive Efficiency and Focus on Onboarding New Customers

Outsourcing the cleansing of existing records means your team can focus on what matters, rather than struggling to keep up with the unavoidable decline in data quality of existing customer information. In addition, a Data Cleanse tells you which records need no attention, reducing unnecessary research and customer interaction.

Meet Your Regulatory Obligations

Existing AML legislations (5AMLD, UK AML Act etc.) detail the importance of maintaining accurate customer records. Stale data can lead to fines, expensive process remediation activity and more extensive regulator attention. Data Cleanse puts you on the path to continual compliance and coupled with Kyckr’s Company Watch, it can help you to achieve true perpetual KYC.

Identify Deficiencies in Current Data Recording Practices

The recommendations provided in a Data Cleanse report can help you to spot elements of your current onboarding process that need improvement. For example, you may be recording a mixture of registered and trading addresses, or, recording company names without their correct legal form identifier.

“By using better data it allows our bank customers to speed up on-boarding, ongoing due diligence and customer engagement. Kyckr data is best in class and helps streamline our customers KYC/AML regulatory obligations. Kyckr’s services are important to our clients, in particular the banking sector, which greatly values the current and developing suite of KYC products.”

Director, Business Process Outsourcing, DELL SERVICES EMEA​

Data Cleanse
Data Cleanse

Discover how you can automate the cleansing of outdated customer records.
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