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Episode 7:
Discussion with Sherbir Panag, Partner
at Panag & Babu

Sherbir Panag
Kyckr appoints Ian Henderson as CEO

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Sherbir Panag is the chair of Panag & Babu, an internationally acclaimed and highly respected Compliance and Investigations Practice. 

Sherbir’s experience in defending multinational companies and conducting internal investigations in matters involving criminal and regulatory proceedings has earned him the reputation of a “brilliant lawyer” and an “amazing problem solver”.

These matters have involved allegations of bribery and other misconduct under Indian and foreign anti-corruption laws such as the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, U.K. Bribery Act; financial and regulatory fraud; procurement fraud; infrastructure fraud; violation of sanctions laws; and violation of corporate governance and corporate policy norms.

Today’s episode is a deep dive into corporate white-collar crime and compliance and governance issues by one of the best experts in the field.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Sherbir’s background and the work Panag & Babu is doing
  • How legal systems and law practice have evolved in India over time
  • How disruptive economic events lead to corporate criminal misconduct and changes in compliance policies and procedures
  • India’s approach to money laundering cases compared to other countries
  • Reasons behind the low rate of global white-collar crime convictions
  • The awareness shift on compliance and governance matters that’s occurring among corporate leaders
  • Practical advice for senior and corporate management

© 2021 Kyckr Limited

© 2021 Kyckr Limited

© 2021 Kyckr Limited