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The Future of KYC Compliance Podcast, Episode 18:
Discussion with Lauren Kohr, Senior Director, AML, ACAMS

Lauren Kohr
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Whether it is laws, regulations, guidance, or issuances, the processes that make our regulatory regimes more effective are slow. By the time we reach consensus and refine our standards, criminals are doing something else.

Lauren Kohr has been in the anti-financial crime sector for over 16 years. She currently serves as Senior Director of AML at ACAMS, the largest international membership organisation for Anti-Financial Crime professionals.

In today’s episode, she helped us reflect on how AML professionals experience the compliance process, the role of AI in AML and the B-side of disclosing sensitive financial crime information.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • How 9/11 drew Lauren to the world of financial crime to help prevent illicit financial flows
  • How the work of a compliance officer changes in small and large financial institutions
  • The value of public-private initiatives to prevent financial crime
  • Reflections on typical financial penalties
  • The importance of bringing NGO and Academia sectors to the fight against financial crime
  • AML tech: where we are standing and where we need to go
  • The challenges of training AI in AML
  • Big takeaways from recent financial crime investigations
  • 3 pieces of advice for AML and KYC professionals looking to succeed in the future.

© 2021 Kyckr Limited

© 2021 Kyckr Limited

© 2021 Kyckr Limited