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Episode 4:
Discussion with Kevin Sullivan, The AML Training Academy

Kevin Sullivan
Kyckr appoints Ian Henderson as CEO

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Kevin Sullivan, CAMS, CCI spent 21 years with the New York State Police, where he saw the correlation between crime and money laundering on his first detail in undercover narcotics. He followed the money moving to a major crimes unit which led to an assignment with the FBI led Hudson Valley White Collar Crimes Task Force. For his last 9 years with the State Police Kevin was assigned to the New York HIFCA (High Intensity Financial Crimes Area) of the ICE led El Dorado Task Force in Manhattan, where he was the NY State Money Laundering Investigations Coordinator.

This is one of the largest AML task forces in the world consisting of members from the FBI, ICE, US Secret Service, DEA, Postal Inspectors, NYPD, NYSP, Manhattan DA and US Attorney. High profile organised crime and terrorist financing were the usual case load. It was here that Kevin became a lead instructor for ICE’s Operation Cornerstone providing a liaison between private financial institutions and law enforcement.

Kevin’s education and certification includes a masters degree in Financial Crimes Compliance Management from Utica College of Syracuse University, a Micro-MBA from the University of Buffalo, Leadership Program from Cornell University, Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS), Certified Anti-Money Laundering Professional (AMLP), Certified Cybercrime Currency Investigator (CCI).

Kevin was the founding co-chair of the NY chapter of ACAMS. He also helped develop and teaches the CAMS exam prep course, Train the Trainer course, and numerous other ACAMS courses including Transaction Monitoring, SARs, Fraud, Know Your Customer, Risk Management and Investigations.

Join our CEO, Ian Henderson as he finds out from Kevin:

  • How he describes the state of AML compliance today at the majority of organizations he works with
  • How he has seen AML compliance training evolve over the past 5 years
  • What he most commonly sees organisations get wrong about AML compliance
  • What’s the future of financial crime going to look like
  • What three pieces of advice he has for professionals working at banks to prevent money laundering?

© 2021 Kyckr Limited

© 2021 Kyckr Limited

© 2021 Kyckr Limited