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Webinar: Primary-source data, the backbone of streamlined, “zero-touch” onboarding for Payment Providers

October 27 | 1.30 p.m. BST | Online

This event has now passed. If you are interested in watching the webinar replay, please request it by filling in the form on the right.

It has been some time since cash was king, but the coronavirus pandemic prompted a 62% slump in ATM transactions, and as many shops went cash free to keep germs at bay, spending transitioned firmly online. While the spotlight of opportunity shines brightly on the payments industry, this vital sector has been struggling with growing pains for a while.

Upon setting up bank accounts, opening e-wallets or completing any transactions, consumers and corporates must confirm their identity through KYC procedures that can impede the delivery of a smooth and engaging customer onboarding experience.

Join our webinar on 27 October and learn how you can

  • speed up your client identification to initiate transactions quickly without compromising on compliance
  • streamline your onboarding process and reduce customer friction
  • reduce unnecessary delays between initial customer engagement and revenue attainment
  • onboard customers in minutes instead of days
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© 2021 Kyckr Limited

© 2021 Kyckr Limited

© 2021 Kyckr Limited